High Speed Satellite Internet
Why make your business wait?

Get connected with Orbitlink broadband Internet by satellite - today!

Choose  proven service plans designed for the Home Office and Business environments

Whether you are a home worker, independent professional, or a tele-worker with a single user requirement, or a small to medium business with multi-user requirements, we offer a choice of business service offerings designed to suit the majority of small business needs.


  • Subscribe today and overcome the limitations of traditional solutions to take advantage of the considerable benefits that broadband Internet access has to offer.
  • Available everywhere in the Ireland… today.
  • It's fast - just sit down at your computer and start surfing!        
  • Download large files in minutes, not hours        
  • Compatible with Windows® and Macintosh® operating systems        
  • Frees up your phone - no missed calls and no more time wasted dialing up        
  • No hassle - installed by Orbitlink professionals        
  • A completely independent system, no additional lines needed        
  • With ORBITLINK, do more, get more and enjoy more.

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